Workshop Management

WorkshopMaster can be used either by a maintenance or a workshop center providing maintenance and repair services, in any field, or it can be used by a company that needs to follow up and control the maintenance process of its own assets or equipments.


WorkshopMaster covers all the sequential steps followed in any repair or maintenance job. Starting by providing you with scheduling a job order, date and time lot allocation to accommodate the job order, assessing and identifying the type of maintenance or repair work needed to be done (regular maintenance, repair, replacement,…etc) and following through the execution of the job order until generating the bill to the customer and closing the job order.

WorkshopMaster allows you to add all the functions and roles available in your workshop center starting from the reception desk receiving requests for maintenance or repairs, technicians assessing the level of work needed to be carried out, spare parts store manager responding to requests for a spare part to be added to the job, billing and concluding a maintenance or repair job.

Customers can also benefit from WorkshopMaster by using the user mobile interface from which the customer can check out the status of the maintenance or repair job for efficient time planning.

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