Documents Management

DocumentMaster is composed of the following engines:


ScanMaster gives you the ability to add professional quality image and scanning support to your applications in record time. ScanMaster is designed and developed based on the famous Image Man ActiveX suite from data technology incorporation.

ScanMaster allows you to load, display, process and print images in the most common image file formats. ScanMaster incorporates TWAIN Scanner control allowing you to add Scanner support to your application, giving you instant access to dozens of the most popular Scanners.


ArchiveMaster helps you to organize the archive to suit your organization needs. You can easily create hierarchies of information containers.

ArchiveMaster also supports a hierarchical retrieval to see the contents of the cabinet, a folder or a document simply by double clicking the name. ArchiveMaster also provides document operation logging for better system administration and tracking.


Users can have access to stored documents through SearchMaster. They can enter a specific search criteria to gain access to certain files or complex queries in the document inventories. Because of the strength of the system, it is also possible to do a full text search besides the simple database query.


MediaMaster specifically optimizes the storage structure for the operation of rewritable magneto-optical media and WORM (write and once read multiple) media.

Storage is the responsibility of the MediaMaster. It includes functions such as: 

  • High-performance document storage backend
  • Control of distributed information repositories that can be located anywhere in the world

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