Business Process Management

WorkFlowMaster is the system you need to easily model your organization’s workflow processes with an intuitive user-friendly interface. WorkFlowMaster manages the flow of documents in three distinct phases: In-Process, Active and Archived.


Using WorkFlowMaster, all your work procedures will be conducted using efficient routing services including role-based, personalized and ad-hoc routing. WorkflowMaster gives you dynamic task assignment/reassignment capabilities to gain a faster pace in achieving your business objectives on a daily basis.

WorkFlowMaster provides you with automatic notifications for each achieved business process according to your business life cycle, which gives you total control over the status of all of your work flow.

WorkFlowMaster is equipped with document management capabilities which allow you to attach a wide variety of documents to each workflow process giving you proper documentation for each workflow procedure within your company. This allows you to establish a digital archive for all your documents.

Along with the Follow Up and Audit Trail features provided to you through WorkFlowMaster, you will be able to obtain comprehensive reporting and statistics to measure the enterprise performance and to tune the workflow cycles of your business.

WorkFlowMaster incorporates the “Forms Base” which is an automatic forms generator to design your company standard forms that will circulate in the work flow.

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