Training Centre Management

TrainingMaster is a software business application for either managing your training center or to manage the training needs and resources in your own company.


Using TrainingMaster, your training center will be able to classify all the training courses and services that you offer using a scientific approach by starting with identifying the topics that your center offers (ex: English language, Graphic Design,.. etc) then by classifying the different sub-topics offered under each topic (ex: English Grammar, Adobe Photoshop,..etc).

For each topic and sub-topic, you will be able to assign one or more training instructors to the sub-topic which provides you with a database of all the offered training courses and their respective instructor(s).

Using TrainingMaster, your center will be able to generate a searchable database with all the offered topics and their instructors to ultimately allow your customer, who is looking for the training course, to search and find the training course in your center, register, apply and pay for the course and enjoy your training services.

TrainingMaster will also allow your trainees (your customer) to evaluate your training services and give a better visibility over the quality of your services.

With TrainingMaster, you will be able to collect, record and classify all the training needs within your organization. You will be able to create your company’s database of training needs that are built around your company’s growing business needs which require the increase in your workforce skill sets.

Through TrainingMaster, you will be able to do a true evaluation of how the training that your employees obtained internally or externally has benefited the company’s business in order to put in you in a better position to efficiently select the right training for each of your employees.


You can get TrainingMaster as a stand-alone service and/or it can be integrated with Career Pro.

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