Digital Press Management

PressMaster is the ultimate solution for organizations that follow the press media published articles. The system is designed to serve your organization in building your own digital press archive. PressMaster incorporates modules for retrieving all the press articles that are of interest to your business.


PressMaster is composed of the following core modules:

Cataloguing and Indexing

Build and maintain the bibliographical database of the selected press articles that seem interesting to the organization. The Cataloguing and Indexing is based on the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR).

Authority Lists

Build and maintain all types of Authority Lists. Authority Lists include Subject List, Writers and Journalists List and Publishers List.


SearchMaster offers bilingual bibliographic and full text search capabilities by handling all of the Arabic language peculiarities. It is built to support all bibliographical database search techniques.

Full digitized articles are linked to their bibliographical data in a way to be displayed on all type of workstations. The digitized articles could be of any extension. This means that textual images, photographs, audios and videos could constitute part or all of any article.

One of the most significant features of PressMaster is its ability to visit publishers’ websites, browse and select digital articles, and download them to the PressMaster Database.


You can get PressMaster as a stand-alone service and/or it can be integrated with BookMaster.

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