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The Arabic script presents major and specific processing problems that are not encountered in Latin–based languages, or even in the Far East languages such as Chinese or Japanese. 

Arabic-speaking users and customers will only search for, find, and read the content if thorough Arabic localization of the content is made. Arabic localization includes the process of adapting the language, appearance, and functionality of a product and/or website for Arabic- speaking markets.

When preparing for an Arabic localization project, the owner of the application software should choose the Arabization Company carefully, it should be carefully balanced between a company that has the software business expertise and is equipped or works with excellent Arabic language translation capacities.  

The Arabic language presents a very wide variety of unique challenges to Arabic-speaking localization professionals. Compared to other languages, there is a smaller pool of qualified, Arabic-speaking linguists to choose from in certain market sectors. The Arabic language also has fewer instances of standardized technical terminology.

Creating the bilingual (Arabic/Latin) version of the software application increases the competitive edge in the Middle East markets and specifically in the Gulf markets where the standard and common users of a software application are usually English-speaking users (hence will be using the English interface of the software application) and Arabic-speaking and natives users who will need and will use the Arabic interface of the software application.

Arabization of Software is quite similar to Farsi, Aurdi and Kurdi languages, the only difference is the translation.

The following tasks are the core tasks followed for the Arabization and Localization of application software. The owner of the application software can select all or some of these tasks. However, executing all the following tasks is the standard procedure of Automation Consultants in executing the Arabization and localization of an application software.

The diagram shows the workflow process between Automation Consultants and the owner of the target application software.


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