Meet Automation Consultants Executive Chairman

Welcome to Automation Consultants,

A heritage of success combined with a solid grasp of the future.

Our dear website guests, First of all, allow me to personally thank you for selecting Automation Consultants and we wish you a happy tour around our website.

Since 1985, Automation Consultants has been built to adopt and work hand-in-hand with the latest technologies and with a firm sight over the dynamically changing business and organizational needs of our market: the Arab world.

Since the eighties, Automation Consultants has worked with almost all of the Middle East governments including the Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Emirati and North African governmental institutions in mega IT projects that have all contributed to the rise of a modern state built on functional and reliable IT and Software systems over the years. In parallel, Automation Consultants developed and offered to the private sector in Egypt and in the Middle East a unique set of software solutions and systems, diversified in nature yet highly specialized for specific industries.

This set of software solutions have composed over the years the legacy of our company as well as being a main driving engine of the success of our clients all around the Middle East region.

Today, we invite you to visit our Products & Services section of the website to get to know and learn about our wide variety of software products and tools as part of our main offering of “Cloud Services”. The main goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive list of industry-specific software products- and you will find that in the Automation Business Cloud- while also satisfying your search for commonly used software tools and that you can find on the Automation Tools Cloud. We know software since its very beginning worldwide. We have strategic and business partnerships with International technology and software vendors by offering and supporting their world acclaimed software products through our variety of Clouds.

We have one key for success: Exceeding the business needs of our customers. We have devised the offering of all of Automation Consultants to being offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) in order to cope and efficiently serve both the governmental and private sectors’ needs to right-size their operational budgets and paying for exactly what they need in terms of software and IT solutions or applications.

The intelligent and daring minds of our passionate staff are what drive us forward. Since its beginnings, Automation Consultants has cherished a career development life cycle that takes newly starting software developers towards becoming successful product and projects managers. We encourage our staff and software engineers to challenge themselves and to take their customer’s needs to new levels of customer satisfaction and business success.

Your trust and aspirations are what will always drive us to take you and your business to exactly where they need to be.

Yours Truly,

Mahmoud El Dessouky (Ph.D.)
Automation Consultants - Executive Chairman