Life @ Automation

For decades, Automation Consultants has always empowered its people to become the best in their fields. Software development engineers, working for Automation Consultants, have always found the best environment to fulfill their potential, work for reputable clients throughout the Middle East, and satisfy their appetite for deeper technical and business expertise in the software and IT services world.

Automation Consultants’ corporate life is built around four pillars:


  • Business Expertise

    • Mastering the business and industry that the software application serves
    • Continuously enriching the software application with extra powerful business features
    • Monitoring the latest business trends world wide

  • Quality is Everything

    • Quality in Software Development Life Cycle
    • Quality in Customer Support
    • People and Products certifications
    • Delivering products and services under international quality standards
  • Meeting Customer Objectives

    • Working hand-in-hand with the customer to fulfill the customer needs
    • A unique customer support model that always care about exceeding customer satisfaction before anything else
    • Living the customer’s business objectives

  • Mastering Cloud Computing for the Business World

    • Pioneering in offering cloud-based services and products in the Middle East
    • Excelling the latest cloud computing deployment and servicing models for all business sectors
    • A multiplicity of SaaS for the business sectors