Expert Systems

Automation Consultants offers and provides Expert Systems that are built and operate on top notch layers of business expert systems as well as on the highest levels of technology automation architectures. Automation Consultants provides the telecommunications and internet services providers (ISPs) with a leading edge expert system: Mobila’s Carrier Cost Control System. The Expert System of Mobila enables telecommunications and internet service providers to reduce and optimize all third party-associated cost elements that are related and tied to interconnectivity and gross margins.

MOBILA’s Carrier Cost Control Solution provides Telecommunication Service Providers with the experience, skills, and intellectual property to help reduce Carrier Cost and manage Gross Margin.




Telecommunication Service Providers of all sizes face a huge challenge of managing an increasingly large number of 3rd party relationships through call termination and routing, facilities contracts, wholesale, and other arrangements. Successful management of these costs and relationships is critical to improving gross margin and business results. Industry analysts estimate that a typical 3rd party carrier invoice will have a 5% error rate. In the present competitive operating environment, it is essential to recover the 5% wrongfully charged as its recovery significantly impacts the company’s bottom line. Business standards are rising, and ensuring successfully passing of a call or an SMS through the network will no longer guarantee the provider’s survival. It is, now, only the basis of generating healthy gross margin essential for long-term success of the service provider. The mission of MOBILA is to partner with the service provider and help manage their carrier cost and gross margin effectively by offering proven process and automation. MOBILA provides a framework of solution modules including Carrier Invoice Management and Reconciliation, Contract and Tariff management, Gross Margin Reporting, and Carrier Cost Management. Together these solution modules bring the fixed and variable cost line items and the associated cost gross margin under control.


MOBILA brings expertise in data management, telecom solution, carrier cost control, and high performance computing to ensure success in building an effective cost and gross management solution. The solution is based on the SHINE engine developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion

Laboratory (NASA/JPL) and is able to deliver true real time performance in financial calculation and reporting. Our solution is extensively used by a number of North American carriers and has a proven track record of reducing cost and enhancing gross margins.


Telecom Service providers need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are we able to detect the 5% error in the monthly fixed and variable charges from the 3rd party carrier invoices?
  • Is there any way to reduce the carrier cost without compromising the quality of the services?
  • How long does it take our organization to determine if it is running a service offering with negative gross margin?

The MOBILA Carrier Cost Control Expert System

The MOBILA Carrier Cost control solution begins with a detailed review of the service provider’s process in carrier cost and gross margin control and the infrastructure for processing and managing the traffic records.


MOBILA will develop a customized blueprint for carrier cost control encompassing the following areas:

  • Carrier Invoice Management and Reconciliation
  • Contract and Tariff Management
  • Gross Margin Management
  • Carrier Cost Management


This blueprint will be used to identify and prioritize opportunities in cost-saving and gross margin enhancement for the service provider.

Carrier Invoice Management and Reconciliation

Carrier invoices all contain inaccuracies; conservative industry estimates start at 5%. These inaccuracies can be caused through incorrect traffic records being captured or wrong tariffs or discounts being applied. MOBILA’s solution provides sophisticated analysis of these invoices and tariff plans to achieve cost savings.

Contract and Tariff Management

Going beyond the reconciliation phase, invoice analysis helps to identify alternate tariffs or carriers. MOBILA provides business intelligence solutions based on analysis of tariffs and interconnect contracts. This analysis is key to support contract negotiations and tariff enforcement. This analysis is also a key input into gross margin management solution.

Gross Margin Management

With respect to the different lines of business as well as the customer base of the service provider, MOBILA provides timely gross margin reports. MOBILA implements the automation for cost and gross margin computation and generates an alarm when gross margin becomes negative. A detailed guideline to identify the cause of the alarm is also provided.

Carrier Cost Management

A key mechanism to control costs is the ability to monitor carrier cost in real time. MOBILA provides the summary and detailed cost reports in real time. The cost reports identify the cost in routing traffic by destination, 3rd party carrier, and line of businesses. It provides an alarm when cost is “over-run”. In addition, it automates the process of generating financial accrual and actual traffic and cost reports that are essential to close month-end, quarter-end, and year-end financial accounting books. The automation greatly reduces human error in financial reporting and is essential to government regulation compliance.

The MOBILA Difference

MOBILA is building upon a cache of intellectual property developed at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory and licensed from Caltech, as well as its own internal development efforts. This IP includes a commercialization license to a real-time inference engine (software platform) called SHINE (Spacecraft Health Inference Engine) that was originally developed and used by NASA/JPL for space flight operations. It is intended for systems where inference speed, portability and reuse is of critical importance. SHINE embodies technology concepts in knowledge representation and data flow mapping that go well beyond traditional expert systems. 

SHINE can process over 1.5 billion rules per second on desktop class computer processors and may deliver over 1000X increase in inference speed over the best comparable commercial product. SHINE is the only inference engine with an extremely small executable size that enables deployment in embedded systems or other special purpose hardware devices. SHINE has the potential to help MOBILA deploy sophisticated knowledge bases and computational intelligence in hardware to deliver a new generation of financial management solution to the service providers.


MOBILA was established with the vision to provide telecommunication companies with state-of-the-art management system for carrier cost and traffic analysis, as well as near real-time gross margin monitoring. The company is spearheaded by computer scientists and engineers with the expertise in system development as well as the best-of-the- breed business practice in the telecommunication industry. At present, MOBILA is monitoring traffic and associated cost for approximately one hundred switches in North America and Europe. During peak hours, MOBILA processes around one hundred million call records from switches. MOBILA’s systems help reconcile inter-carriers invoices of in the vicinity of one billion dollars every year.

MOBILA reduces the annual inter-carriers terminating charges by millions of dollars and a one-time carrier cost by $40 million. With more than a decade of experience in the telecom industry, MOBILA is capable of developing different systems to meet the ever-changing nature of business in telecom and assist telecom companies to formulate and execute cost-cutting strategies. MOBILA takes the initiative to understand your business in order to deliver the best overall solution. Every solution is tailored to provide both operational efficiency and bottom-line business value to the clients they serve.