Fast Issues Tracking

FIT Tracking Solutions is an industry leading web-based business process solution software with unlimited uses, such as cases, documents and records. From small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, they all rely on FIT to get the job done.

FIT Tracking Solutions provides issue management and resolution solutions to businesses and organizations. Rich in features, issue management solutions enable you to know in real time, the current status of all management issues and their key performance metrics, allowing you to make effective management decisions.


Key Benefits of Issue Tracking  

Stay on Top of Important Issues

When issues are submitted to FIT, all associated parties are sent an email notification which lists the details of the issue with a quick summary of what has changed. Instant notification can be assigned to critical issues that might require your immediate attention – so you can follow it at every stage.


Engage Your Customers

Customers can enter an issue using a form on your own web site, using an email address, or you can provide them with a URL to your system where they can login using guest access. They are then able to view the issue and receive notifications through the resolution process.


Collaborate Better

Invite team members and other members of your organization to collaborate with you on certain issues and projects to streamline communications and track progress of related tasks and accountabilities. Access is controlled using FIT's group security settings, so you can restrict people to certain projects and hide sensitive information from them.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

FIT will facilitate improved response time and accuracy by ensuring that each request, complaint or issue is routed to the appropriate person within a team. Staff members will be more effective and satisfied with their role because they are spending more time on productive tasks. FIT's workflow tool enforces best practices to move issues through the resolution process until they are resolved and closed.


Understand Your Customers

Measure customer satisfaction and use FIT's powerful report and charting tools to gauge your performance levels and identify trends. This view allows you to access accurate, complete and most recent information relating to each issue before you make a decision.


Manage Office Task More Effectively

Your FIT system can be used to manage project tasks and action items related to the day to day operations of your organization, special projects and even your marketing campaigns. Assign tasks to team members that include issue status, priority and due date, and provide background information and required documentation to ensure the tasks are done right and done on time.